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Project Management Jobs

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

This position is the top executive position, responsible for the overall direction of the business and for achieving maximum return on invested capital. Leads the efforts of the senior executives and works with them to develop current and long-range objectives, policies, and procedures for the organization. Represents the organization to its customers, the financial community, and the general public.

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Identifies changes and trends in computer and systems technology and interprets their meaning to senior management. Participates in overall business planning bringing a current knowledge and future vision of technology and systems as related to the organization’s competitive position. Determines long-term organization-wide information needs and develops overall strategy for information needs, systems development and hardware acquisition, and integration including mainframe, mini, macro, and client/server computing applications. Acts to assure integrity of organization data, proprietary information, and related intellectual property through information security and access management. Acts as highest interface with non-technical user functions in determining overall information systems approach. Frequently reports to a Chief Executive Officer.

Director of Project Management Office (PMO)

Responsible for the operations of the organization’s Project Management Office. May also be responsible for the organization-wide integration of consistent project management methodologies and terminology.

Portfolio Manager

In the extreme case, will be responsible for the management of the entire set of projects undertaken by an organization or division in a manner that optimizes the ROI from these projects and ensures their alignment with the organizations strategic objectives. Particularly in large organizations, a Portfolio Manager may only have responsibility for a subset of the organizations projects and their alignment to organizational strategic objectives. While the portfolio of projects may share resources, they may have diverse objectives and may be operationally independent of one another. A Portfolio Manager may interact with senior managers, executives, and major stakeholders to establish strategic plans and objectives for an organization. May also be responsible for the organization-wide integration of consistent project management methodologies and terminology.

Program Manager

Responsible for the coordinated management of multiple related projects, and in many (most) cases, ongoing operations which are directed toward a common objective. Works with constituent Project Managers (who are responsible to the program manager for the execution of their project and its impact on the program) to monitor cost, schedule, and technical performance of component projects and operations, while working to ensure the ultimate success of the program. Generally responsible for determining and coordinating the sharing of resources among their constituent projects to the overall benefit of the program. Usually responsible for stakeholder management, particularly stakeholders external to the organization.

Project Manager

Under general direction of either a Portfolio Manager or in some cases a Program Manager, oversees high-priority projects, which often require considerable resources and high levels of functional integration. he takes projects from original concept through final implementation. Interfaces with all areas affected by the project including end users, distributors, and vendors. Ensures adherence to quality standards and reviews project deliverables, assembling project team, assigning individual responsibilities, identifying appropriate resources needed, and developing schedule to ensure timely completion of project. May communicate with a company executive regarding the status of specific projects.