Professional Certificates

Six Sigma Certificate PMP Certificate

 Six Sigma Certificate

 PMP Certificate

Software Engineering Training

UML Certificate OOAD Certificate OOI Certificate

UML Certificate

 Object Oriented Analysis and design Certificate

Object Oriented Implementation Certificate

Software Architecture Design & Analysis Certificate Software Architecture Principles & Practices CMMI Certificate

 Software Architecture Design & Analysis Certificate from Carnegie Mellon University

 Software Architecture Principles & Practices from Carnegie Mellon University

 CMMI Certificate

Verification, Validation & Peer Review Certificate Technical Solution & Product integration Certificate Managing Software Projects with Metrics

 Verification, Validation & Peer Review Certificate

 Technical Solution & Product integration Certificate

 Managing Software Projects with Metrics

7 thoughts on “Certificates”

  1. This type of certification appeals to professionals that either want or already have the responsibility of efficiently managing projects through their completion. Of course, the projects must meet or exceed expectations, be delivered in a timely manner, within budget, and within resources.

  2. Fantastic work on obtaining your PMP and other certificates. This motivates me to study for certificates too!!!


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